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WorldROC or World Relief Organization for Children has a commitment to bettering the lives of the most vulnerable children in the world. From physical and mental disabilities to extreme poverty and prejudice, we are meeting needs and changing lives one community at a time.

We know how to help

We believe that we can end the dangers affecting children in their poor societies by developing community-based programs that teach local villages and community members how to stop things before they start. That means focusing on potentially dangerous social and family issues affecting children before they get out of control. We do this not only to protect children from current dangers, but also to keep increasing amounts of children from ever experiencing the life-killing affects of human trafficking or homelessness.

We believe that every person has unalienable rights as human beings. We are pledged to help all the people we serve understand and utilize these.

Defending the rights of the destitute, speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

To provide peace & security for children in need and to work for the inclusion and empowerment for all marginalized groups in society.